Saturday, March 20, 2010


what a joy it was to take sienna to gymnastics today!  she had so much fun and did pretty good, i think!  she is a natural at this kind of stuff.  she really is quite the daredevil!  this was her first class, though definitely not her last.  i think this will have to be ongoing for her.  she absolutely loved it.  it sure helped that her best buddy, max, was there too!  

it was very entertaining watching 3 and 4 year olds doing crab walks, donkey kicks, somersaults and "cartwheels" (which ended up looking like a capoeira move...brazilian jiu-jitzsu).  yes, i'm almost positive i spelled several of those words wrong.  just smile and read on.  

heading off to the little obstacle course.  they were so cute! sienna even looks like a real gymnast in her little outfit.  another little girl in the class had the exact same one on.  i guess it's bound to happen when you buy it at a place like target.  cute, nontheless.

the kiddos ready to show their moves.

here's the rundown...jump, run around and up, jump into circular "thing" (as i call it), somersault down the ramp, donkey kick, cartwheel, donkey kick...done!  sienna didn't quite get the last two parts, but that's okay.  better luck next time!  she sure loved jumping though.

oh, so i guess she didn't do the somersault the first time either.  

her teacher helps her perfect a donkey kick.  nice form!

touching their knees mid-kick.

rings!  she loved it.  i think max isn't such a fan.  nina could see him say to the teacher, "can i get down now?"  so cute.  can't wait to go next week!


Robin Baker said...

Jackson looked at the pictures 4 times. He says, "her is a good gymnastics girl!"
now he wants to stop doing his class at school and go to a real gym! he he he

*katie said...

Very fun, she looks so cute in her little outfit:) I need to get my boys in gymnastics or something where they can expend lots and lots of energy!

Amberly said...

She's so good! When Ash was little we had her in the same class. She wouldn't pay attention and would get in trouble for running away. It looks like Sienna is a much more dedicated gymnast.

Ken and Cari said...

so cute!