Monday, March 22, 2010

oldies, but goodies

while hanging out at my grandma's house in january (for joel's wedding), my dad, ian and i ended up scavenging through loads of pictures and photo albums that my grandma was attempting to organize.  i'm sure we didn't help that effort too much.  sorry grandma!  (which also reminds me...YES, i need to come and dive into family history and scanning pictures with you!  i will, i promise.)  my favorites were actually of my grandpa skip, which was his nickname, and my grandma.  his real name was charles porter (my dad's dad).  i hadn't seen the majority of them.  

i liked the one above, because i specifically remember being at great-grandma clark's house that day, running around with a lot of my cousins.  she is my dad's mom's mother.  she lived somewhere in oakland...i think.  this is according to a five-year-old's brain, so i've no doubt i could be wrong.  when looking at that photo, one cannot ignore my mother's amazingly awesome, yet scary, 80's perm!  oh, mom!  i still love you, you know that. 

and for any of you who know my four year old, sienna, you know that the body language seen in my body in that photo, as well as the hands hiding the face....that is all sienna.  and apparently me too!  it was weird to see me being my daughter, or visa-versa.  so apparently she does have me in her after all!

then this one of the group that was there that day.  you can see me at the bottom with my favorite cousins, becky, heather, nathan and matthew.  derek is just over the way, probably cause we were fighting about something, or because he was too cool to sit with us.  in the middle is my second brother, ian, who my dad is holding.  my mom next to him (can't find her?  look for the perm...haha).  owen was probably in the beginnings.  ahem.  good times in this photo indeed.  i'm so grateful for my families, on both parents' sides.  they are both wonderful and amazing and i'm better for knowing them all.  


Kierst said...

These are so great! Your parents look so young!

Flinders Family said...

So fun to see those pictures! yes, nana did live in Oakland just down the hill from the temple. She had the coolest property ever! It was so fun to explore there. We did have such good times growing up. I'm glad our parents made such a big effort to get together as often as we did!

Ken and Cari said...

I love these pictures!!