Friday, March 26, 2010


i'm not sure who the little girl is, but i'm guessing the guy is my grandpa's father.  ideas parents?
*so, mom informs me that it is my great-grandpa whitaker (like i thought), and the little girl is my aunt julie.  this is in grass valley (ca), and i'm pretty sure that they are standing on their street turn-off from the main road.  gosh i miss that house!*


Kierst said...
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Kierst said...

They're standing on the street that goes to the ditch. The street that goes up is the street that their house was on. If you go just past the bushes on the left, you would see it.

mya said...

You said that you miss that house. Is it gone or have you not been able to go to there? Treasure any pictures you have of family. Most of our old pictures were lost when my grandmother's storage room was damaged. I am now contacting relatives (that I hardly know) to see if they have any old photographs.