Wednesday, March 31, 2010

quiet time

over a year ago we implemented "quiet time" for sienna.  she's never been the best nap-taker.  so i still needed my mommy time in the middle of the day, where i could get things done at home and take a moment for myself.  enter quiet time.  she sits quietly (although most days she's talking so loudly to herself, that's it's not very quiet) and reads books, plays with her games, etc.  in this case...she reads in her stuffed animal basket.  a cozy place indeed!  this moment was pre-haircut, as you can see.  but it was a must share.


Robin Baker said...

little stinker. but oh so darling

Lindsey Bunjes said...

Man, I really need to figure something like that out with Evelynn, I am going crazy!

Nick said...

At least she keeps herself occupied. Mylie's quiet time means bothering us every 5 minutes.