Friday, April 30, 2010


last week at school was "classified appreciation" at my anyone who is not a teacher or a principal, basically, is honored and shown appreciation.  it was really fun getting so many visits from kids and being sung to.  we also were showered with gifts and beautiful flowers...not to mention lunch provided every. single. day!  we sure did feel appreciated! 

in the front office is nikiya and janet and then me in the nurse's office, tucked in the back of the building.  the three of us were honored as a group collectively.  it's too bad nikiya wouldn't smile for a picture, so instead...she gets that one!  haha

here's our office work-horse, janet.  she really does do everything for the office.  and to top it off, she's really one of the nicest people i know.  she earned this appreciation week far more than anyone else!
the 5th grade class made this for us...

...we all got tons of different kinds of flowers, from daffodils to roses to orchids.  we had our own little floral shop in the front office that week.
one of the classes made these cute little butterflies that attach to things with a clothespin.  we had them all over the place.

here's what i do all day.  sign kids in and out of the nurse's office, cleaning and bandaging scraped knees, putting ice packs on injuries and occasionally sending a child home.
here's a small gathering of the sweet things i received.  i had at least 3 other vases of flowers and candy and food to add to it!  not to mention the cute balloon on of the kinder classes signed for me!
this is my view as i walk from the nurse's office to the front office.  love this school!  the people i work with really make it a wonderful place! 

then i sit in this on my way home from work.  ah, california traffic.  ick. notice the other side of the road is empty and plenty useable?  gosh do i wish i could just drive over there and skip by all these people sometimes.  my brain gets the better of me and tells me to just keep singing along to the i do.


kkrich said...

nikiya is in my ward! how funny, small world. i appreciate you sis. =) lets do dinner when i get back from MEX.

Emily said...

Nice appreciation! I got flowers, lunch one day, and 3 cards. I thought that was pretty good!

Jessica & Brieanne said...

No complaining about traffic. It looks like you were right by La Jolla Shores, so at least it was a nice place to be.

Jana G. said...

Yes, I HATE California traffic!! Hey what's your e-mail so I can invite u to my blog??