Tuesday, May 4, 2010

four years ago today...

...sienna was 3 1/2 months old, a thriving premie.  her hair was much more red and the skin rolls on her arm, much more prevalant.  

it's crazy to think that so much time has passed since those wonderful and stressful days.  bringing a premie home from the hospital is no easy task.  i was just reminiscing on all of that this morning, which i guess is why i ended up wanting to find pictures from it too.  i'm so grateful that she did so well, despite her being 7 weeks early.
i love this picture of sienna with her only other two girl cousins.  they are all matchy-matchy, totally unplanned.  it's crazy to see how much the three of them have grown so much!

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*katie said...

It's crazy to believe she was ever so tiny since she is so healthy now! And sooooo chubby back then:) LOVE the picture of her, Mads and Baylee. I'm totally excited to add another girl cousin to the mix!