Wednesday, May 5, 2010

facebook peeps

for all you lovely friends from facebook.  to win that thing that i mention on my fb page, just tell me something in the comments section, and make sure i have your email:

what are your three favorite summer activities?
ps. if you are not a facebook friend of mine, you can still win it...but i won't tell you what it is. just make sure i have your email to contact you. 

pps. ends tomorrow night at 10pm.


flip flop mama said...

Eating fruit salad.
Going to Padres games.
Hanging at the pool or the beach!

Jennifer said...

let's see, reading, sitting in the sun, and hiking. Oh, and if I can add a fourth, Going on vacation when someone else is in charge.

Alyosha said...

Camping at the beach. Swimming at the pool. Barbecues.

The Rowe Family said...

my 3 fave summer activities - surfing, boogie boarding, and running on the beach. All of them involve sun, sand, and surf! I think I live in the wrong place ... :) Love you Brooke - awesome giveaway! You are soo generous!

Tasha said...

1. Sleeping in
2. Checking out unhealthy amounts of books from the library
3. Sitting outside on warm summer nights chatting, listening to the kids place, or just thinking.

Cardon Times said...

1) eating watermelon
2) hiking at Zion Ntnl Park
3) getting to play outside with the kids in the warm sun instead of the freezing rain!

Cardon Times said...

oh, and in case you don't have it, Aaron's email is

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

3 favorite summertime things...
1)Camping on the beach in Santa Cruz
2)Enjoying delicious Strawberry Cream Cupcakes on Fourth of July before watching the kids watch fireworks.
3)Roadtrips back home to Utah to visit the family.

VJBlair said...

1) Walking through the park
2) Parades and fireworks
3) BBQs

*katie said...

2-summer swim parties
3-bbq's til it gets dark!

Amy said...

Swimming, laying out in the pool, and river tubing
Really living in AZ it is too hot to do much outside of water activities

Miss Stace said...

1. Riding Horses
2. Going Kayaking
3.hanging out under the stars!

Ken and Cari said...

I'm so confused about his contest since I don't have facebook, but I love 1) my birthday, lame I know but I really do love summer since my birthday comes around!! 2) camping!!! 3) getting tan!!

Rachelle said...

Laying out at the beach, camping and hiking!