Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bubbles updates

at first, i'll admit, i was a little weary of all of the eighties apparel that was making its way back into fashions view.  it scared me a bit.  okay, a lot.  

BUT....(yes, a capitalized but)....i am slowly being drawn back in.  i already lived the real thing, so now i can flash back a teensy smidge.  i will draw the line though.  the hair, i won't do. 

but the loafers?  the shoes?  i can do that.

and so i did.  i bought the girls these.  i love them.  i wish i had some for me.

and now, just for fun, some cute little girls.  full of personality!  full of cute features like braids, dimples and almost-teenager-glares.  it's enough to make you go cuckoo.  

her "sad" face, though i can promise you her real sad face is much more pathetic

her crazy happy face.

almost-teenager-glare....ahhhhh!!!!  "mom, this is so dumb"

"YAY!!  did you say i get to see GRANDMA?".....followed by a psycho giggle.
i love my cute girls.  they make things crazy and fun.


Kierst said...

Where did you find those shoes? I love them!

Nick said...

Cute pictures! Hopefully the 80's hair stays in the 80's but I have noticed other good things coming back. Maybe we all learned our lessons from living in the 80's.

deb said...

Good heavens those pictures are cute! The shoes are super cute too.