Monday, June 21, 2010

pioneer baby

okay, so she's not a baby.  and really, she's not a pioneer either.  but neither was i when i wore this dress, once upon a time.  probably back in 83' or something.  my mom made this dress for me in that tender year.  i'm happy to say that chloe had a blast twirling and "spinning". 


*katie said...

Very cute, she makes a perfect little pioneer girl! She just needs a bonnet:)

Desirae said...

Oh. Muh. Goodness. I SO have a dress VERY similar to that that my mom made me for my baptism. It was the after-the-baptism dress. I kid you not. White collar, turqoise dress, this is hillarious. I think I still have it hanging it my closet. Mine may have been pleated though, so I'm sure yours twirls better. Funny.

Desirae said...

I'm sending you a picture. I just verified the dress. Yup. It's in there. white lace on the sleeves and all. This is too much.