Monday, July 19, 2010

"mommy, heavenly father don't want us to eat chunks."
(referring to chunks in yogurt...guess she doesn't want to eat them)


"mama, i want to watch a moo-bie" 
(that's movie, folks.  and she asks this  at what point does a parent explain to the 3-year old that we really just can't watch movies all day long?  sure would be easy though)


Kierst said...

Wow. Those are both things London would say. Although she hasn't yet told me that Heavenly Father doesn't want her to eat chunks. That would be stepping it up a bit.

flip flop mama said...

Big Sister is the same way. She could watch tv or movies all day if I let her. Sure came in handy when I was pregnant and sick but I get pretty tired of saying no all the time now.

Lissy said...

Love the photos - such gorgeous eyes! Lily's version is 'watch a show' She actually tries to get by me and ask her grandparents instead thinking she'll have better chances. I do that kind of explaining all the time ...she may not actually get it until she has children of her own, but at some point she'll get the idea that that's the way we do things around here :)

beck said...

ha ha. Ady says i hunt to hatch a hoo-bie. and when we say it back she says, "no a HOOBIE" and we say movie and she says yes. she gets really made when we say hoobie back to her.

The leader said...

the only thing that's helped elizabeth NOT ask all day is setting very strict tv guidelines. we don't watch TV in the mornings, only when dad gets home from work... so she may ask once in the morning but that's IT until the evening. Such a blessing!!

Yes, there are exceptions, especially with baby #3 making me feel so crummy, but overall it's helped tremendously to set pretty strict, consistent tv times for her. plus then the exceptions make me the HERO!!!

Mike and Bianca said...

Okay, I know I come here every once in a while and say the same thing, but I can't believe how big your girls are. It's crazy how time flies by so fast. It seems like only yesterday that you tricked me into meeting my future husband.

Anyway, Sienna and Chloe are beautiful. I wonder when we'll see you guys again. :)