Thursday, August 26, 2010

little sister lia

sienna and chloe love their little neighbor friend, lia.  sienna doesn't fail to remind me each day that she wants me to "get pregnant".  nor does she fail to recommend (more like demand) a little sister.  she makes it very clear that she does not want a little brother.  who knows where this all came from?  i really don't know.  and no, i'm not currently pregnant.  just had to say that in case you were thinking...well, you know.

anyway, lia came over while her family went to disneyland a few weeks back (what?  you would willingly take an almost 2 year old to disneyland with you?  you crazy).  we had so much fun hanging out and playing.  sienna was in heaven, because she had her "little sister" around.  they had lots of food parties, watched a movie, ate snacks, played outside and ran a muck around the apartment.  lia was so cute with us all.  we love her and hope that her mama will go to disneyland again soon so we can have her over!


Kierst said...

Um, did you remind Sienna that she already has a little sister?

Kierst said...

Oh, and maybe she's seen London with Ashton too much and decided that a little brother is not for her.

Nina said...

aww, so cute!! i swear lia asks me everyday if she can go to "broots" house.

Robin Baker said...

how funny, my Jackson has been praying out loud for a baby sister (and recently twin girls) for some time now. Mike is adamant he will have to wait until he is a daddy. ha ha! kids are so funny.
for the record, I hope you get a boy!