Monday, August 16, 2010

me and tracy

i found this old picture recently and about died.  i love it!  tracy anderson (now badger) and i used to be real chums.  we had the most fantastic playdates as children.  i remember her most amazing barbie collection, we saw the little mermaid together in the theater and had great slumber parties.  

here we are at disneyland (circa 1984?).  here's to you tracy!

i guess i should now specify that we are still friends, only i can't honestly remember the last time i saw her.  her brother and sister-in-law are in my ward, so i frequently hear recent stories of miss tracy, but i myself haven't seen her in over 15 years probably.  eek!  so, we're still friends, right tracy?  =)

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The Badger family said...

Brooke, I love this picture. It is seriously the best!!!! Oh the memories. Oh the play dates were great!!! I remember a lot of laughing. We are now living in Louisiana, but when I eventually get to Cali, I will have to get together with you. I will come out next summer for at least a month and we will get together. We are for sure still friends!!!