Wednesday, August 11, 2010

utah trip - more day three

maybe i took a lot of pictures, so what?  i can't help myself.  especially in a spot where i haven't been in years, on top of the fact that it's a historical spot for our family.  later, day three, stephen, chloe and i wandered down the road to an old abandoned cabin to explore.  besides about a bazillion rusty nails sticking up, there wasn't much to see.  but it was pretty neat.

found a great window...

...and i love how real it is.  logs and all.

look!  i'm in a picture!  isn't it amazing?

one, very unimposing nail.  this one wasn't exposing it's sharper side, at least!  the rest were really quite scary.  we were surrounded.

cute bug looking down at the water from the car bridge.  

said cabin.

(believe it or not, i have more pics of the horses too.  day four, coming soon.)
poor horses, they thought we had food.  maybe next time!


*katie said...

So many fun pictures! What a cool trip, that cabin is awesome for pictures!

Kierst said...

Last year London and Annika thought it was hilarious to feed the horses grass. Then one spit it out right on London's head and they thought it was hysterical!

Cherie said...

love the log cabin pics! you've got mad skillz.

Ken and Cari said...

I love, love, love these pictures!!! and I can't wait for the final hunger games book to come out!!!!