Monday, August 2, 2010

utah trip - day two

the rest of day one included checking into the marriott, where the girls went swimming that night using their floaties.  they loved it.  loved.  for the first time they could both be on their own in the pool, and i didn't have to worry.  it was super!  and they slept really good after all that swimming.

day two involved us making a big trip to costco and the grocery store to get food for the cabin stay.  you could say that the costco venture was a little stressful on everyone.  lists and lists of foods ($$), grumpy children, everyone antsy to just go to the cabin.  once we made the trek up to oakley (just 20 minutes or so from park city) things were finally calming.  we are all excited to get there.

once we finally arrived, the girls couldn't help themselves:

they ran and then stared at the horses...

...and then ran some more.  under 10 mph?  i'm not really sure.  around that point is where we summoned them to come back.  and they did.

who is that handsome cowboy with a surf shirt on?

so this is where we landed.  the whitaker cabin, in oakley, utah.  it's actually about 10 miles from oakley, so i'm not sure if it's still in city limits or if it's another city.  perhaps including the word heber in it?  i'm not really sure.  this was built by my mother's great, great, (how many greats?  i'm not postitive) grandfather in the 1800's.  it's received some updates as far as plumbing and insulation goes, thank goodness.  it's so much fun to be there hanging out.  right next to a beautiful flowing river.

so we start getting accustomed to our surroundings...

...we find an old metal slide that someone stacked in an awesome spot.  it's pretty steep.
stephen liked it.

so did sienna.

brett and shawna, looking excited as ever!  that's my new sister!  isn't she cute?

more day two, tomorrow.

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VJBlair said...

it has been a long time since I have been to the cabin and I can't even remember how to get there. I am glad you had fun and you got the number of greats right. He was your Great Great Grandfather.