Friday, July 30, 2010

utah trip

day one of utah trip, lucky us!

sweet husband checked the fluids (as requested by worried wife).  only one problem...he didn't put the lid on tight enough.  about an hour and a half into our drive, i started noticing weird misty stuff coming out of the hood on the freeway.  and it smelled.  hm.....

...sure enough the lid to the coolant thing (nice lingo, eh?) wasn't on tight enough, so all of the fluid had been pouring out over that hour and a half.  so he puts the lid on nice and tight.  i start driving along, thinking we're probably ok, we can't have lost that much fluid, right?  wrong.

sure enough, the temperature gauge climbs dangerously close to the red, and's in the red.  so i turn the heat on and turn the car off just in time to barely coast off an exit, where we were extremely blessed to be able to roll right off the exit and straight into a jiffy lube in rancho cucamonga.  if that's not divine guidance, i don't know what is.

a really nice guy in the jiffy lube comes out and caps us off with coolant and water.  he wouldn't let us pay him a dime!  seriously?  this jiffy lube will always be my best friend!!  i take back any things i ever said bad about jiffy lube (none in reality, but just to cover my bases!).

within about 20-30 minutes we were able to get back on the road.  we felt very watched over.  that could've been the end of our little vacation.

the girls enjoyed our little stint.  they thought it was a great rest stop.  they even got to experience the front seat, always a joy!  i'm happy to report the horn was not honked even once!

this guy felt pretty bad about it all.  it was an accident.  could happen to anyone (not to me!  yeah, uh huh, cause i'm perfect!  not!).  love you babe!

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*katie said...

Oh man, what a bummer! But I love that last picture of Stephen! So cute:)