Thursday, July 29, 2010

sixty ain't nothin' for him!

see that guy?  that's my uncle gerald.  he's the coolest canadian i know.  for his sixtieth birthday, this guy decided that he wanted to take a biking trip.  as in, a bicycle.  so he and his brother, dee, set out just after father's day in monterrey.  their goal?  the mexican border.

these first few pics are them having a sit at our little casa after their long ride.  aunt marilyn had picked me up about 40 minutes prior to the end of their bike ride so that i could see them and cheer them on (they live in sacramento).  unfortunately, we miscalculated where and when we could come across their path.  nonetheless, we had a blast driving around talking and searching.  a road trip with aunt marilyn would be fun!
here she is now!

dee was hilarious.  this was actually our first time meeting him, but he dove right in.  he was totally awesome just sitting right down and building with the girls.  

chloe givin' some loves to gerald.

dee and gerald with said bicycles.  way to go guys! 
they may have been a little lost and hungry without my champ-of-an-aunt!

h a p p y   b e l a t e d   b i r t h d a y   u n c l e   g e r a l d !!!!


Brittany said...

I love this post. It sure makes me miss my parents :( They are so awesome!!

Shawnanana said...

That is overly amazing what he did!

Kierst said...

Wow! You got some pictures of my dad smiling! I love the last one!