Tuesday, July 27, 2010


more on connley & dalton here.  it was too fun capturing some of their games, i had to.  after the fishing game, we played hide-and-seek, a family favorite.  we have yet to teach them sardines, but we'll get there.  so here are three counting before galabanting off to find chloe.

behind the chair?  nope.

under the chair?  nope.

on the top bunk bed?


connley's turn!

and off they go!

in the bathroom?  nope.

in the shower?  hm.... 
(now, if you're wondering why our shower wouldn't be considered to be in our 'bathroom', that would be because we live in student housing, which was originally built for a roomate situation.  so they seperated the toilet and the shower, and gave us two sinks too.  i actually love it!)

getting warmer!

found him!!!!  good spot connley!

alrighty then, sienna's turn...

she's a little too consistent in this game.  she typically picks the same spot every time.  yep!  under the chair in her room.  chloe always knows exactly where to straight to.  i try and explain to her that she needs to pick different spots so that we have to look more for her, but apparently she doesn't mind.  

all the kids had a turn or two.  it was fun!

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*katie said...

Ah, so fun! Dalton's getting so big!!