Monday, July 26, 2010


remember this game?  didn't we all play it as kids?  i loved it!  what i didn't remember about it was how hard it is for kids.  seriously!  when it was on sale for $7 (go target!) about a year ago, i had to.  sales are just no good for my pocket, and that's the truth.

so a few weeks back we got to have connley and dalton (s & c's second cousins) over for the whole day so their mom could join their dad on an all-day navy ship excursion.  we had a blast, of course!  they're such good boys.  we played millions a few games.  we are games people, after all.  sienna was definitely the best at the fishing game.  she has her strategy.  the rest caught on to it eventually.  you'll see the frustration on faces when fish are not cooperating.
and the concentration

and there on connley's face in the backround, is the frustration.

sienna's technique is more visible here.  it might even be called "cheating".  she is related to jack porter, isn't she?  she happens to grip the fishing pole at the line, instead of the pole, which gives her much more control.  chloe caught on here....

...fights break out over certain colors of fish, that supposedly belong to one child more than the other.  oh dear....and then we have a sad face after the loss of a certain colored fish.

but looky here!  connley got one!!!!  classic.

dalton was so cute.  every once in a while he'd ask for my help.

counting up fish (which are already color divided).  why the segregation, i ask?  "because" is the answer.  do i really say that back to them that often?  yikes.

at this point, chloe was bored of the game.  she does that.


but she sure is expressive, no?

come again any time c & d!  we love you!


Amy said...

You take such awesome pictures, of course it doesn't hurt that they are such cute kids :)

The leader said...

oohh, i especially love that your kids are hangin out in their undies too! it was around dinner time today that Evan finally got some clothes on... Elizabeth went straight from jammies (yesterday's church dress she refused to change out of) to dress-ups, and only AFTER dinner did she change into play clothes so we could go outside and tend the garden. kids. gotta love em. thankfully the pictures help us remember the "good times."

flip flop mama said...

That game IS hard! We had it for a while and then it broke but we would all hold the fishing pole so it wouldn't bend. Cute pictures!

*katie said...

That looks like the most organized game of fishin' that I've ever seen! Imagine adding David and Ethan to the would have been chaos to say the least:)