Thursday, July 22, 2010

catching day

i had zero time to even glance at my photos from memorial day.  but i finally did just this last week, so here i am posting a few.  i love our country!  despite my whines about random things like the current president's mess-ups, the health insurance i have that i don't like and the possibility of federal insurance, etc.  despite that and much, much more...i do love our country.  it was established by god and i'm grateful to live in it.  i know that this is indeed the promised land.

below are cannon balls for the cannon (in the next pic).  there were some awesome "war" volunteers that helped explain how the cannon balls worked back in the day.  there are three here.  two of them have loads and loads of smaller balls inside that acts as bullets.  once the big ball has been shot wherever intended, the cannon ball bursts open and all the bullets go flying in every direction.  pretty cool, if you ask me!

the girls had fun picking dandelions from all over the cemetary.  we successfully kept them from sitting on the tombstones, yes. 

this is the most beautiful cemetary i think.  the site is just amazing, overlooking all of san diego bay, and then on the other side, the ocean.  especially on days like that, all sunny and cool.  it was a great day to really reflect on what had been done for us.

afterwards, we all headed to the new location for the corvette diner.  mike had never been there before, so we had to introduce him to yummy milkshakes and crazy servers.  it's too bad they sat us in the 60's dark room.  although i think it's a cool room and all, it shouldn't be there.  corvette diner was based on the 50's, not the 60's. 

regardless, it was fun and my milkshake?  perfect.  the girls had a blast playing in their new game room.  i must say, they are smart to have built that.  make money while they're waiting to make more money off of you.  good marketing.  and we fall for it every time.  it's fun, so why not?


Nick said...

I love that tradition your family has. That is an especially cool cemetery with a great view. You also have some great pictures. I first thought the one with the flag at half mast was a stock photo.

Nina said...

I've never actually been there. I need to take a trip there soon!

Brittany said...

Great pictures! I remember going to that cemetarty once when I visited your family. Really neat.