Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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i'm not gonna write loads of awesome things about myself on my birthday.  but since i was cute when i was little, i'll show some of those pictures! 
and just for the record...i'm excited to be out of my 20's.  and yes, my dad and i are still like this when around each other.  i call it healthy.  
yes, my mom was young when i was one.  she was only 23 i think.  crazy to think that's how old stephen was when sienna was born (!!!!).  i know.

guess we know where chloe got her chunk from, huh?  =)


flip flop mama said...

Happy Birthday!

Haley said...

so cute! I love the picture of you and your Dad, classic!

Lissy said...

Very cute! Your mom is so beautiful - I see a lot of you in her. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Robin Baker said...

cute! happy birthday sis-ta