Sunday, September 19, 2010

ahem...more trip pics

i know, i's probably getting old.  more pictures from the quickie weekend trip i took (a few weeks ago even...ahem again), but with my new fall online classes having started, i haven't had time to do anything but read and do homework.  i don't get to craft, i barely cook, i hardly clean (ew), i forget to look at or edit photos.  it's truly a travesty!  at least by the end of all this i'll have a degree!!  that- i look forward to!!!

in the meantime, here are more pics, as previously mentioned.  the top picture was taken in sausalito, where i some day aspire to have a boat parked at.  so pretty!  and then derek looking at sausalito.

and the rest are me and miss c having fun with derek's sunglasses while he sleeps, quite eerily, with his eyes half-open.  (shudder)  but really, what else do you do on a two hour car ride?

just above is my favorite of the series...

...or maybe this one.  oh c!  you're awesome.

thank you to derek's sunglasses who provide endless entertainment.  the best were the pictures we didn't take while playing around with the glasses...he he...ha ha...oh my.

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