Monday, September 20, 2010

wire recorder

while visiting grandma (yes, more of that)(what? you love it!), my mom and mike pulled out my grandfather's old wire recorder.  that metal box-of-a-machine is the recorder.  that little box full of round tin boxes are the wires on which you record.  i'm not claiming to even know how it exactly works, but it was neat to hear my great-grandfather's voice...coming from a wire.  you just attach it (somehow) to that machine, push another button, and then you hear it.  a voice you'd never heard before (or, at least in my case, that's what i heard).  it was pretty neat!  and although, i admit, i was antsy to get on the road to get home and see my beautiful babies, i'm glad that they pulled this out real quick.

and just in case you happen to have a wire recorder in your closet, but lost your directions!  here, i'll share mine (er, grandpas)!!


Kierst said...

So cool! I'll need to pull that out in November when we're down there. I didn't know Grandma still had it!

Nick said...

Do you know if that is the same wire recorder that Grandpa used to record John Mills Whitaker (our great-great grandfather) tell about him courting John Taylor's daughter (Ida Oakley)?

hi, i'm brooke! said...

i think it is nick! i heard some of him talking, but only like 1 minute worth. next time i get up there i'm going to listen to a lot more!