Wednesday, September 8, 2010

amazing amazingness

stephen is quite ridiculous with this ride.  i think my daughter could've left the buzz ride in the middle of it and he wouldn't have noticed.  he's that into this game!  i mean seriously...would you look at the intensity on his face?  it cracks me up!  and his score is ridiculously amazing!

and there's me.  i also look a little focused i guess.  and to put it out there, that is my best score yet on this ride!  and chloe did better than my mom and sienna!  amazing considering i don't think she's actually trying to hit anything.  we love buzz!!


Kierst said...

Can we go to Disneyland with you some time? Pretty please???

Once Taylor's score on Buzz Lightyear got so high that it re-set because he got over 999,999. The only way that happened though, is because we got stuck in the ride so he was raking in the points.

Malerie said...

Haha. Matt's exactly the same way. I love the picture of you - completely focused! We miss disneyland! Enjoy it for us :)

The Del Pegos said...

I think it is a guy thing because when we went on this ride at Disney and the shooter/score ride at Legoland Nick did the same thing, way into his score and not even paying attention to either of our children!