Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new cradle

while browsing amvets, we came across this awesome cradle!  after seeing that the wood was sturdy and that it wasn't falling apart, the girls and i knew we needed it.  we had just been admiring the cute little white cradles at pottery barn kids a few months ago.  so this was a perfect solution!

we pulled out the paintbrushes and paint and got to work!

the girls were so excited to beautify their new cradle.  and they did a great job painting!  minimal paint on body parts (which was quite shocking) and nice semi-even strokes on the painting object.
after about fifteen minutes of painting, it looked like this.  of course, i helped a little bit, but really they did most of it.  since this photo, we have painted two more coats on, and just need to spray a finish on it!  girls, get your baby dolls ready!


Kierst said...

I LOVE Amvets! What a great find!

Ken and Cari said...

What a fun project!! I miss you friend!!!!

The Del Pegos said...

So awesome & how did I not know that you had a family blog, I have only been looking at lovely cositas!