Friday, September 3, 2010

big boy max!

this post will be low on words, but rich in photo. 

the girls were invited to the coolest birthday party!  their buddy/neighbor/cohort/friend max celebrated his fourth birthday in super hero style!  it was a blast.  we decided that the girls needed to go as two of the three powerpuff girls!  technically i probably should've gone as the third, just to make it complete, but i didn't have time to whip up a big green dress for myself.  plus a wig.  silly me!
during the festivities the girls had to complete their super hero training by doing different things like, knocking down the bad guys (soda bottles), going through the city obstacle course, spraying bad guys with silly string, very carefully playing near kryptonite and much more!  nina is ridiculously creative, as always.  i loved it all!

brooklyn showing off her catwoman eyes!

the kiddos waiting their turn to bash the pinata.  not sure how sienna snagged herself at the front of the line with the smaller kids. 

but she gave that pinata hell.  go sienna, go!

sweet rosette, visiting from afar!
monique and marcela

it was all of our first time seeing the littles since they moved to tennessee!  so glad they came and joined in the celebration!  we miss them lots!

best auntie, danielle, with lia and sienna watching the massacre.

more cute kids waiting their turns.  oh chloe...that belly!

the lot of the superheros!  it was a fabulous party!

happy birthday m a x !!!!!!


Nina said...

YAY!! So glad you posted these!! Seeing as how I haven't even come close to posting my own. Cute kids in their cute costumes!! Now no more birthdays! :)

The Del Pegos said...

That party was such a blast!! We had a great time. Good job Nina!!