Tuesday, September 14, 2010

hippies paint

we had our cute little neighbor boys over the other day.  i was excited to introduce the activity for the day....
painting!!!  they took to it!

they concentrated

they talked with one another

they were picky about colors

they were so cute!

i seriously could not get enough of my friend, graden.  his little hand gestures on the hand not painting.  his big pretty eyes and his awesome rolling belly laugh.

a chloe painting profile

a calvin profile...so serious!

oh graden, that tongue!
and then there's my thing with feet.  i'm not a fan of my own, but i sure love little feet.  definitely my favorite.  

i love his concentration!

we had fun with you boys!  see you tomorrow too!

1 comment:

Malerie said...

Such sweet pictures. I love watching kids think and be creative. And how do you get Mesa apartments to look so good in photos?!