Monday, September 13, 2010


chloe is learning a lot lately.  i forget how many times she probably needs to hear certain things from me each day in order to correctly learn them.  one of her big things lately is grammar.  it's so cute, so i tend to not want to correct her, but sometimes i do.

chloe - "twenty-eight, twenty-nine....twenty-ten!"
(with help of course...although she does well counting to 20 by herself!)

stephen - "sienna, would you like some salad dressing?" 
(for her salad...yes, our 4-year old likes salad.  it's weird...and good!)
sienna - "dad, it's not salad dressing, it's ranch"
(can you tell which dressing we use the most in our house?)

more of chloe's grammar:

as we're checking out at staples today, chloe is staring at the cashier.  she happens to be a young girl, probably early college age, with lots of make up on.  she was very nice and said goodbye to the girls, to which they replied goodbye as well.  as we step outside, chloe says, "mama, what's wrong with she's eyes?"  "she's" instead of "hers", obviously.  she was wondering what had possessed the very nice cashier to load her eyes with dark, scary make up.  i explained that it was make up, just like what mommy sometimes wears (or barely at all lately....sigh).  chloe just says, "oooooooh."  i sincerely hope she still thinks make up is that weird when she's in jr. high and high school.  i'm sure that's a dream world i'm living in.

as anyone who sees us frequently can attest to, sienna has recently been quite obsessed with me getting pregnant.  she prays for it, talks about it all day, tells other people that she wants to be pregnant (usually someone we know, but recently total strangers) and asks to know when i'll be pregnant so she can have a baby sister.  for the record?  not pregnant. 

i'll let ya know sienna!  i promise!


The leader said...

That's awesome! The girls must love being girlie together. Elizabeth is REALLY hoping for a sister - Evan's a great sibling, but I can tell she wants someone to dress up and play princess with.

Good luck!

Stacy said...

Love it! And once she does know, I am sure everyone else will, too. :) Sweet big sister.

Heidi said...

Cute girls!!! I've had my girls obsessed with me getting pregnant too. Marianne took to praying specifically for a little brother, and I found out I was pregnant just a couple weeks later. Good thing she is no longer praying for more babies in the family, b/c I'm pretty sure I've got all I can handle!