Friday, September 10, 2010

much better

the girls and i finished painting their cradle.  it's so cute, i love it and they love it.  we have plans to make some bedding for this lovely cradle, something soft and cuddly for their baby dolls.  i'm glad to report that the girlsies aren't waiting for said bedding to start cradling their babies.  there are many a tired babe in this house.
on a side note, it's friday, so i'm posting this oldie for nostalgic's sake.

my grandmother, my mom, and i'm thinking my aunt luann's side is what we see here.  looks like christmas morning to me!  i love my mom's adorable haircut.  sometimes i see a lot of sienna in her, especially in photos like this. 


Heidi said...

That is a cool pic of your mom!

My girls just aren't interested in dolls at all. They love and cuddle a gazillion stuffed animals, but babies? Not a smidgen of interest.

Malerie said...

What a lovely post. The cradle is adorable and that photo just makes me feel happy. Happy for family and memories :)