Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i love bath tub pictures.  i think they are so fun.  especially when it's more than just your children.  my mom has several pictures of me and my brother in the bathtub with our cousins at my grandma's house when i was little.  i love seeing them, it cracks me up  these are not the girls' cousins, but it was fun getting clean together.  there was a tub full of sand at the end.  we had a great time at the beach yesterday with nina, shenda and kiddos.  helped make these extreme heats a little more supportable. (go away heat wave!)


Heidi said...

What a cute bunch of blondies!

Lissy said...

Very cute photo! Totally takes me back to the days I shared a bathtub with my sister and our dolls with the hair you could really shampoo, and the hole in their butt that made it look like they were peeing when you tried to squeeze all the water out of them. I loved those dolls.