Monday, September 27, 2010

text only today

mainly because i have no pictures to share and really don't want to have to have a picture to share a thought or two.  blogs have that about can do whatever the heck you want on them.  i like that.

so i slept pretty crummy last night.  chloe decided around 4am that she was scared of something and came over to my side of the bed this time.  so i pulled her in bed with us.  i'm not exactly the most coherent person when i'm tired.  no, really.  i'm bad. to bed she came, and down the tube went the rest of my sleep this morning.  just lacking those last few hours of sleep in the morning makes a big difference for me.  this is why when i have a new baby in the house, it's best to just steer clear of me.  i'm clearly lacking sleep and am not the nicest of people.

on the brighter side...we're going to the beach today!  yipee!  this heat wave is kicking my sinus's butt.  yes, my sinus has a butt.  and yesterday, in particular, i was miserable...sneezing ALL day, heavy eyes (though i was not tired), etc.  the list goes on.  i do have allergies whenever the weather changes at all.  i've inherited my mother's unique talent for predicting when the weather is going to change by judging how my sinuses are acting.  move over loren nancarrow!

the word of the day:  genogram

definition:  a diagram outlining the history of the behavior patterns (as of divorce, abortion, or suicide) of a family over several generations; also : a similar diagram detailing the medical history of a family in order to assess a family member's risk of developing disease


The leader said...

oohh, i'm so sorry bout the allergies! i've been fighting the same battle over the last few weeks, but it looks like ours are FINALLY on the way out. hope yours passes quickly!!

Heidi said...

Sorry about the lack of sleep and the sinus butt-kicking. I hope the beach makes up for it though!! (Sending some little wish-it-was-me-too vibes your way.)

Heidi said...

Oh, and as for genograms-- Can I pick what gets included in mine? Because I want to leave out all the crap that is being repeated through the generations and just keep the good stuff!!

hi, i'm brooke! said...

haha...Heidi, you're hilarious. I just filled out a genogram for my nutrition class, and it is depressing to be sure.