Thursday, October 28, 2010

kate nash

i'm a fan, to say the least.  her music is fun, different and only recently did i learn about the quirkiness of more of her music.  kate nash played at the house of blues, san diego last night.  i bought tickets a few months ago and had been excited to see her.  a few of my favorites are, of course, "merry happy", "mouthwash", "navy taxi" and the "s#$t song".  they are just cute songs.

last night i saw a whole new side of kate.  wanna know what?  she's CRAZY!!!!!!

crazy in an okay way.  good crazy, cause i love her music.  good crazy, cause i love her style.  good crazy, cause the lightbulb displays were artistic and beautiful.  bad crazy though when she recited a poem (a poh-em, as she calls it.  love them english folk!).  bad crazy when she pounded angrily on her keyboard/piano.  but even the bad crazy wasn't bad really.  just interesting to watch.  i'm sure i made a few faces.  hard not to.  nina and i may have exchanged a few looks at each other while giggling nervous laughs.

all in all, it was a really great concert and i'm so glad i went.  i especially loved the band that opened for kate, called gold motel.  they are from chicago.  i totally loved their music!  their newest album recently came out in june. one of the videos posted below is theirs.  they had a great stage presence, and a great sound.

as you can see, the props were fun.  firstly, the pillows hanging from the top of the stage, along with light bulbs.  then there's her fancy umbrella, complete with tons of lightbulbs, some of which light up.  then the encasing surrounding her keyboard....ALL lightbulbs.  very fun.  i'm tempted to make a lamp similar to it for my house! when one of the stage people unveiled it just before the concert started, you should've heard the awesome gasps.  so cool.

i'd see her again.

this first video is gold's horrible quality, but you can still kind of hear their lovely music!  the second video is kate, thrashing out against life in her song.  take a quick listen!

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