Friday, October 29, 2010

finders keepers

as you well know, i've been uber busy packing up my apartment to move north (twenty minutes only...not to canada or anything).  in order to pack and store things i'm required to organize and get rid of things.  as i'm rummaging through my craft closet, trying to figure out what i really want to keep, i find this in an old bag of trim and lace scrappings that my grandma gave me.  i hadn't noticed the old antibiotics container in there.  i had a good laugh when i noticed that it was my aunt julie's pencillin from 1984.  YES!  don't worry, there wasn't actually penicillin in there.  my grandmother was re-using it to keep snap buttons in.  totally funny!

and here's a little sneak peek into our costuming this weekend!  hope you have a great weekend, full of ghost, goblins and candy!!!


Heidi said...

Mmmmm, candy! I have really got to hold myself in check or I will be raiding my kids' bags for every butterfinger they get.

Esti said...

hello there! Thanks for coming around my blog and comment. I've browsed a little of your blog and I'm in awe of your beautiful girls. Now I'm going to do some more browsing here. It seems like you have a very happy blog :)