Monday, November 8, 2010

slowly settling

settling in, that is.  it's been a long week.  we're moved in to our new little home, nestled in the old garage of my in-laws house.  now, before you get any crazy ideas, it's actually quite nice!  and i must mention (and thank!) my in-laws for the comfortable, squishy, and lush carpet they put in just before we moved in.  i can't even begin to describe my love for this carpet.  even in our old apartment i didn't have anything this nice.  i feel quite blessed.

so we're here, and we're slowly getting things put away and organized.  i'm feeling less stressed and more motivated to actually do my homework and get back into life.  so, without further ado...i will finally post pictures from halloween.  due to the extremely busy circumstances, i did not dress up as mrs. banks from mary poppins, as i hoped to do.  i had to just use what i had on clogging shoes, my old petticoat from when i was 13 (yes, it still fit!), and a black sequin top that i happened to love and keep from halloween past. 

it all begins with a 27-year old guy that i know....he has a mohawk....he's an engineer...he's my husband.

not sure how proud his mother will be of his chosen hairstyle, but she is already comforted in knowing that it is long gone.  probably somewhere in a landfill already.  his hair was getting out of control for a few months there at the end.  i needed it to be short for more reasons than one.  luckily, as halloween approached, he agreed.  so the mohawk was put into action.  the morning he went to the open calls auditions for the tv gameshow wipeout we glued it in place.  what?  you didn't know that elmer's glue is the best mohawk helper? you do!  

the 'hawk also gave him an easy costume for the trunk-or-treat that night.  so the girls got beautified and off we went!  we snapped a few quick photos on the stairs on our way out.  i can't believe how goofy their smiles are becoming.  is it me?

the glasses really helped make their outfit complete, especially when they scrunched up their noses to keep the glasses on their cute little noses. 

sienna has the perfect frown, even when forced.

scrunchy nose...

oh my sienna...i've no idea where this came from.  totally unprompted.

just one more scrunchy nose, cause she's so cute.

i'm sorry to report that i have no pictures of myself in costume.  maybe someone reading this blog does.  if so, keep it locked away and never let it out!  unless you are really good at editing photos...


Lissy said...

Adorable! I love them! :)

Heidi said...

Such cutie pies!! And the mohawk is very impressive. I'll keep the glue tip in mind should I ever need it, but in this family we're more likely to do gigantic 'fros, I think.

Amy said...

Your daughters are too cute :) You take Fantastic pictures!

Robin Baker said...

love the hawk, the love the girls, love you :)

Brittany said...

They look SO cute!!