Saturday, October 23, 2010


yard sale went pretty good today.  we did end up getting rained out at the end, and somewhat at the beginning, but we stuck out the first portion.  glad we did!  we sold the main things we wanted to get rid of:  table and chairs, all the books, surfboards and kitchen stuff.  we sold a little bit of other things too like clothes and toys!  it was a relief to have that all out of the way.  no more big pile of random junk heaped in our bedroom.  now you can actually get to that part of the closet.

(sigh of relief)

more about our fun morning at bates tomorrow...stay tuned.


Kierst said...

I should have come! Or you should have told me you were selling surf boards. Taylor wants another one. Just a different one for different days.

Kierst said...

Oh, and we missed you last night. But it was really crazy so I'm sure you're happy you didn't come.

Chris said...

such a cute picture of little S. :)