Tuesday, December 28, 2010

longing for january

it has been a lovely december and a lovely christmas and holiday season to go with it.  we were able to see tons of family this month and play a lot with stephen, which was heaven.  we are enjoying our last week off from school and are slowly preparing to start being responsible again (boo!).  obviously this blog has been rather neglected of late.  there are a few reasons for that.

for now, i share a few pictures from our visit with my dad in the north coastal area of california.  we start said visit with....a march.  one.....two.....one, two MARCH.  grandpa likes to march.

then stephen found dad's bb gun and quickly grabbed and ran away with it.  he initially impressed us with his skills in shooting a tiny wooden block from a good distance, but then the impressiveness started to wain as he continually missed easier shots.  it's okay, we still love him.

my dad is hilarious, did you know?  he's had this red toyota truck for as long as i can remember.  i think he bought it in the mid-to-late eighties and has kept it around despite it's....{ahem}...beautiful appearance.  it's his signature vehicle, and will always be known for it.  anyway...this poor little truck received a nice beating the day we visited.  dad instructed and helped sienna beat the tar out of his truck.  she even put her own cute little dent in the hood.  grandpa was so proud.  sigh...

and despite how it all seems here, i really am no good shot at all.   i truly wish that i could say that i shot that water bottle off my dad's head.  but alas, it is not true. 


*katie said...

hahaha, love it! Every picture is great!

Heidi said...

Fun pics!! Only your dad would let someone stand there and aim a bb gun at his head.

Heidi said...

Also, I can't believe he still has that red truck!! It still runs?