Wednesday, December 29, 2010

drip drop drip

it's a pretty rainy day outside...again.  i admit that i love it so very much, all with the exception of my always cold feet.  do i have bad circulation down there or something?  heaven knows san diego needs the rain.  we've never looked so green.  you look out as you go for a drive somewhere and everything is green and beautiful.  i love it.  this is something i love about northern california...the green.  living in san diego's desert is sometimes a little depressing i think.  if it weren't for the beach, i'm not sure i'd like it here.

as you've noticed...more pictures from our visit with uncle grandpa.  the girls loved the pvc pipes laying around and chloe especially enjoyed putting little rocks through them.  stephen also helped the girls each take a shot with the bb gun. 

i've also been starting to think more about my new years resolutions for this year.  i don't remember making any last year, which was weird for me.  i love making goals.  i love even more to complete those goals, though i'm sorry to say i'm not as good about remembering them if i don't write them down.  so i'm off circling around in my brain trying to decide what goals/resolutions i would like to work towards this year or in the coming months.  got any good ones yourself?  i'd love to hear!


*katie said...

Uncle grandpa, that makes me laugh every time I hear it.
As for goals, you saw my gratitude word for the year is simplify...I need/want to start exercising...mud run in June...home improvement stuff... just a few ideas, time to sit down and think them through:)

Heidi said...

I want to finish my 3rd book this year, keep up with my exercising, get to the temple more often with my dh (guess I need an early morning babysitter!) I'd love to become a more patient mom but no idea how to translate that into an actual goal.