Tuesday, January 4, 2011

kitty attack

my dad really is such a good grandpa.  he can make my girls laugh like no one else with his silliness.  he really understands how to get kids' attention and how to do what makes them happy.  ever since sienna was a baby he has had the ability to make her crack up.  he's just silly.  so we were all at my mom's house for christmas eve, and my dad and sienna are playing hello kitty bingo.  somehow (not sure who started it...oh wait, yes i do...it was him) the bingo chips were being licked and stuck to eachother's faces.  

mom even got a kitty pirate eye going on.  niiiice......

i love this top one.  my dad laughing like that is awesome.  

see what i mean about his silliness making her laugh?  it's ridiculous really, and if you've already heard sienna's crazy giggle, you can only imagine how hilarious she must've sounded here.

meanwhile that night...derek and i reminisced about all the weird shows we used to watch as kids.  some not so weird (old disney character cartoons like mickey and the beanstalk and mickey the brave tailor) and others really weird (like the one pictured?  yeah.  where the toys come from).  it took derek a few minutes, cause we couldn't remember the toy movie's name.  finally he came up with it after scanning around on youtube.  we watched it a little bit, and then....not.  booooring.

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