Sunday, January 9, 2011

christmas morning

it was really fun to spend the night (in our own beds too!) at papa and nana baker's house and to wake up and spend christmas morning with them this year!  it had been years since we'd done that.  surprisingly the girls didn't wake us up early at all.  we ended up waking one of them up (can't remember who),  papa baker was anxious to get to work.

i was particularly surprised this year to receive a camera bag that i'd briefly eluded to to stephen.  i honestly had absolutely no expectations of even getting one ($$).  so when i opened the box and saw the writing saying "jo totes", i was in shock.  i was beyond excited!  it wasn't the color i'd imagined, and it wasn't the bag i'd originally wanted, but i think stephen did an amazing job in surpassing what i'd originally picked out.  i LOVE it, and feel better about my camera being safe now when i'm out and about.

both the girls kept saying that they really wanted barbies for christmas.  like...over and over and over.  i was a little worried about it, because i had no intentions of buying them a scantily clad barbie.  i felt like a bad mom for not getting them the one major thing they wanted.  i have issues with barbie's modesty.  she has none.  i honestly searched and searched for a barbie that had clothes covering her, with no luck.  well, nana helped me fix that problem!   i had never seen these disney barbies!  she bought chloe the cinderella barbie and sienna got the belle barbie.  perfect!!  and the girls love them!  of course, i plan on making more modest clothes for their dolls, so really i guess i could do that for other dolls too.  it's the principle of the thing....right?

sienna got a backpack!!!  well, they both got one, but i think sienna was way more excited...what do you think?  and i got a great deal on them!  pottery barn kids is no cheap store, but i seriously scored!

lee had fun opening her gift from her sister-in-law, diane.  she got an amazing waffle-maker, complete with all the needed accessories including waffle mix, blueberries, the movie breakfast at tiffanys, syrup, applesauce, hot cocoa, and jam.   i'm truly thankful to diane for this gift, because i've already benefited from it! 

santa also brought a nifty new swing for the backyard for all the grandkids!  nana and papa's backyard is now officially heaven.  lee also got some new things to help toward her future quilting career (from her three youngest children)...a cutting mat (a big one), a rotary cutter, and a cutting guider.

it was a good christmas with the bakers! 


flip flop mama said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! By the way there are quite a few barbies these days that are modest. I bought Rachel snowboarding Barbie. Love it! :)

Jessica said...

What a fun Christmas!

bekahjr said...

I just got caught up on your blog. Congrats about the pregnancy!!! How exciting. Your girls are just beautiful as usual and you are too! I love you!

Robin Baker said...

wow! what a good hubby

The Del Pegos said...

Looks like you had a fantastic Christmas. I love your camera bag/tote/purse, soooooo cute!