Thursday, January 6, 2011

a new semester

-----quick correction to last blog post:  after reading what i wrote about my announcement being lame, i didn't mean that it was lame that i'm announcing my pregnancy, i meant that it was lame in the manner in which i announced it.  there.  better?  i think so. ---------

as i still have not posted pictures from christmas on the blog, i will continue to postpone.  maybe later today?  instead i will post just a few to go along with my rantings for the day.  a few months ago we bought (through an online deal somewhere) an annual family pass to the new children's museum in downtown san diego.  i've heard several good things about it from tira and nina, so i figured it was a good deal!  we bought it and finally used it just before ringing in the new year.  we met up with my cousin and her two kiddos for a little bit, which was lovely!  london, sienna and chloe had fun talking to eachother through the piping that goes across the room.  it's really a wonderful hands-on museum and i look forward to going more often with the girls.  the exhibit i think we spent the most time at was probably the bubbles area.   i might even go so far as to say that stephen enjoyed the bubbles more than the girls. 

(i like how in the photo it appears that stephen is looking in his purse for something...haha)

chloe tries out her luck, er skill....while stephen catapults bubbles all over everyone!

 and then?  we went rock climbing!  i was actually really impressed with sienna and chloe.  they walked right on over immediately and started climbing up.  they seemed like total naturals, until it came time to climb down.  but they did so well!  it made me want to put them in rock climbing for kids.  chloe may have excelled even more had she not been wearing those loose crocs.

inside the wooden trojan horse!  

so after all those pictures and explanations, i don't want to rant anymore.  maybe tomorrow?


Lissy said...

I knew that's what you meant, but it wasn't lame either way :) It's hard to botch sharing news like that because it's just so exciting! I've always wanted to go the that museum - will have to check it out soon!

*katie said...

Ooo fun! If there's ever another online deal, I'll have to look into it! I better start searching groupon/groopdealz/mamapedia! :)

Heidi said...

Looks like so much fun!

Terra said...

I'm glad you found my blog and I found yours! Congrats on another baby--I hope you feel better soon. Personally I hate being pregnant, but it is worth it!

Jessica said...

What a fun museum! We'll have to try it next time we come!