Friday, January 21, 2011

our family

i volunteered in sienna's class yesterday and noticed this wall where all the kids had drawn pictures of their families.  i found sienna's and then noticed that there were five people in it.  she drew her future brother!  is that not just so cute?  i almost started crying (proof i'm pregnant).  it was very heart-warming to know that she is excited about him and that she already considers him a part of the family.


*katie said...

Ah, cute!

Heidi said...

Too cute!!!

Kierst said...

A few things I noticed here:
1. How in the world did she figure out how to write her name in exact mirror image?
2. Both Dad and baby brother have kind of monkey faces. Is that facial hair?
3. I love that you are the smallest and Chloe is bigger than Sienna.

I'm excited for her to get a baby brother too!

Lissy said...

Very cute!

Stephen said...

Apparently Sienna wants to paint my toenails purple. Not sure how she came up with that one.

The Del Pegos said...

That is so sweet!!