Tuesday, February 1, 2011

dresses and tractors

i love this photo of my grandmother on a tractor...in a dress.  i like the fact that it's blurry, i think it adds to the character of the photo.  on sunday i had been reading part of my grandma whitaker's life history, as written by herself.  i enjoyed learning more about her that i never knew!  i picked this photo to share today because i enjoyed reading about her helping her father during one particular summer when she was home.  She talks about living in their "levis and shirts" all summer (eek!  i feel sheepish, that's how i dress all the time!) and about helping brand and vaccinate twenty calves.  i never would've pictured that!  she also talks about milking the cows twice a day and also when she "got the cantaloupe and cucumber seeds mixed up and planted all of Mother's cucumbers in the same patch with the watermelons."

nor did i know that she was once engaged to a man other than my grandfather at one time.  and she played basketball?  what?  she was valedictorian at her high school? gee whiz!  i still have a lot to learn about grandma!

it all brings back to me the importance of family history.  not just finding ancestors who need their temple work done, but also learning their stories.  not only is it important for our future, but it's so fun!


Heidi said...

I love learning the stories and my grandparents and further back. Especially journal stories where they talk about what their life was really like, so I realize just how human and likeable they really were!

Malerie said...

You have some of the coolest old photographs! How fun to learn about those stories. Genealogy is something amazing. Thanks for reminding me :)