Wednesday, February 23, 2011

o c e a n

oh that cute little smile!  how i love my bug.  she's such a good mix of me and stephen.  when i initially look at her i see stephen, but when i look at pictures of me when i was little, i do see a lot of me too.  especially in her little big personality.

stephen kept us entertained that day by being chased by waves.  the girls thought it was pretty funny.  later he resorted to scaling sand/rock to escape the incoming tide.

i love how sienna is protecting her little sister here as the big wave comes in.  she was really quite concerned about her daddy as well, but had much less control over that.

i like this one...

i don't know how i'll ever live away from the beach (if i'll ever have to).  i love it far too much.  i do love nature in general, but growing up so close to some of the best beaches on the west coast has made me far too spoiled. 


Kierst said...

Fun! Sometimes I think I want to go to the beach but then I remember that Ashton is a maniac and I'm not willing to spend a nice afternoon trying to keep him out of the frigid water. I'll have to wait until summer to do that, when I'm actually willing to get myself wet.

Malerie said...

Oh man! I shouldn't have read this post -it's making me miss the ocean so much. I love pictures of daddies and daughters. So cute.