Saturday, March 26, 2011


so after my awesome encounter this morning with a bazillion peacocks this morning, i had to learn more.  i was taking pictures this morning of a lovely family and upon arriving a tad early i went wandering and was surrounded by them.  i went to wikipedia when i got home (my quick easy source) and read.

i took this picture of a male peacock courting a peahen.  i figured that's what he was doing at the time, but wasn't sure.  i was a little startled when the male, with his feathers fanned out like so, started rattling them all and shaking them slightly as he walked towards the female. 

a few tidbits about peacocks, some factual, some just me:

  • they are the national bird of india
  • when they make a calling sound, it sounds exactly like "kevin" from up.
  • the female peahen does not have the beautifully colored feathers, rather more colors like brown and gray.
  • in the christian world the peacock is associated with eternal life.
anyway, they are beautiful birds and you can see the millions of free-roaming birds at a park in rancho carrillo.

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Robin Baker said...

Leo Carillo! I was supposed to have my family pictures taken there in December! And it's now April...sigh