Thursday, March 24, 2011

it's thursday

eating fifteen redvines right in a row isn't too horrible, right?  i forget how much i love these things until i get started, and then it's quite literally a rampage until they're gone.  let's all pray that stephen gets home in the next ten minutes to stop me before i scarf them all down!  eek!

i've been captain slacker at posting near to the day that i take the actual pictures (with the exception of bump picture, number one).  here is more proof:  stephen's birthday expedition, just the two of us to the aquarium of the pacific in long beach.  it is truly an awesome aquarium!  note to self, though:  next time don't go on a saturday with the rest of l.a.  good then, here's some photos.

huge whale.
huge fish tank.

hubby petting sharks.
me admiring the perfection of this starfish on the glass.

hubby getting his finger sucked on by an anenome

sandworms...this is how they get their food.  they wait...

seadragon.  i'm completely fascinated by this creature.

we then ate milkshakes at ruby's.

later took a nap on the beach...his request.  it was heavenly.


Heidi said...

Cool pictures!!! How do you get such good pictures of creatures behind glass? (I really suck at photos of any kind.)

That milkshake actually made me interested in eating something cold and creamy. That doesn't happen much lately.

One Girl and Three Crazy Boys! said...

Jealous! That is my most favorite aquarium ever! Glad you guys had a fun day out!