Thursday, March 10, 2011

snowy girls

oh blurry photo, but i still love both of their expressions on their faces.  stephen consistently has this "woo-HOOO!!" look on his face when doing anything outside with speed.  sienna is obviously loving it too!  daddy's are so fun!  chloe was up next, and was much more concerned, but here is proof that she liked it.  she's laughing!  once again, stephen enjoying himself too.

we made snow angels in jeans.  remind me next time to get my kids snow clothes would you?  i lived in idaho for two years, i know how you should dress, but we just ignored that.  next time, we won't!

snow ball fights ensued as did lots of snow falling from trees.  it was a very warm day out and the snow came down abundantly on us. 

cute little girl faces in the bright, bright snow light.  squinty cute little eyes, quite ready to go home and rest.

we love us some palomar mountain!  next time join us!


Lissy said...

How fun to go visit snow and leave it behind in a matter of hours! I gotta go to Palomar Mountain sometime. Your girls are so cute - love Chloe's little squinty smile :)

Jessica said...

I wish we could leave our snow behind, but alas we can't! Looks like you had a fun day!