Wednesday, March 9, 2011

snow day!

 yipee!  blogger has decided to cooperate.  pictures are here again!  we had such a fun time with the girls up on palomar mountain.  it was their first time seeing, touching and otherwise experiencing snow.  they obviously didn't know what to expect because the first thing out of their mouths was, "it's cold!" and "it's slippery" (or if you're chloe, she calls it "slipper-ly".  yes.  well, stephen started us out by boogie boarding it up, california style.

the girls enjoyed their boogie boarding times along the side of the road, but we did eventually venture out to greener (or shall i say, whiter) pastures.

chloe may have slipped a few times down the hill to the new spot we trekked over to.  her bum may have become extremely wet after only two of the fifteen falls she had that morning.

sienna stayed true to her daring little self and shot off down a hill of snow in the boogie board, catching some nice speed.  she really is so much like her daddy!  stephen made a makeshift little bump for them to go over down the wasn't much, but they loved it.

more tomorrow!