Monday, March 7, 2011


blogger is being a little bit fickle with the picture uploader lately, so i've been avoiding posting anything until it was fixed, but since that still hasn't happened i will just drop in and say hello!  when i eventually do get to it, i'll show pictures from our snow day trip to palomar mountain a few weeks ago.  so fun!  going on with us this week:

me = had my twenty week ultrasound saturday, where they measure the baby's anatomy and make sure everything looks good...which it does!  little boy baker is growing perfectly and was super active during the ultrasound.  i definitely feel him kicking and nudging me a lot more, a lot.  besides the baby looking wonderful, the woman performing the ultrasound found a 5cm complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary.  say what?  i know!  i really didn't think much of it at first, except that it made sense why i had sharp pains down there occasionally, including other symptoms associated with it.  so i came home, googled it and found out that it is a little bit more important than i was thinking it was.  so i was instructed to make an appointment with my doctor this week to discuss it.  we're all set for wednesday to see what he says.  i'll try to remember to give updates regarding that as we go along.

stephen = he's been working pretty hard on a big presentation he has to make tomorrow to his teacher and class, which has kept him plenty busy.  he presented it to me this morning, which was like listening to a completely foreign language for fifteen minutes straight.  it's amazing to me that it actually makes sense to him and that he has learned all of this information during our marriage.  amazing!  i'm grateful for how hard he works and for all that he is accomplishing.

sienna = loves preschool, loves her teacher (ms. kathy) and of course, her friends.  she has also been showing her sassy side lately, talking back to mommy here and there.  of course, mommy is not such a fan.  aside from sassiness and her sneaky ways, she is very artistic and loves to draw, paint, decorate and color at any opportunity she receives.  if i only bought her art supplies for the rest of her life, i think she would be happy.  she loves her grandma, her uncle james, and thinks that talking to uncle ian on the phone is funny.  she is also becoming slightly obsessed with wii party, the video game santa claus brought this year.  watching her play it is way too entertaining, yet she is really pretty good!  she's also quite adept at gymnastics.  the only thing we need to work on are her cartwheels. 

chloe = bug-a-boo-jones, as we call her, is a hilarious child to have around the house.  she is constantly saying the most random and silly things.  she definitely brightens things up around here.  the only times i wish she was taking a long, long nap still is when she decides that life just isn't going the way she wants it and tantrum-of-the-week comes along.  usually it's easily fixed by sitting her on our laps and just hugging her.  she's oh so sensitive.  the other night while eating dinner at souplantation, she takes a drink of her water and then starts crying like something horrible happened in her still full-of-water mouth.  after a few seconds i just tell her to spit it out on her empty plate.  i figured that she was on the verge of choking or that she'd eaten a spider or something (you know, cause spiders getting in your food at souplantation is so common!).  all that came out of her mouth was water and a tiny ice cube.  the thing she was disgusted with and so upset about?.....the ice cube.  "i don't like those mommy!"  sorry chloe!


Heidi said...

That was so fun to hear about how everyone is doing!

I'm glad to hear that all is well with baby boy Baker. Did you decide if you were going to try the progesterone shots?

hi, i'm brooke! said...

thanks heidi! i definitely am all for the progesterone shots, it's now just a matter of affording it. i'm hoping our insurance will cover a good portion of it. we'll see!

*katie said...

Great update! And to think I live a half mile away from you and knew none of these things! Hope you hear good things from the doctor and that Stephen rocks his presentation:)

Cherie said...

Had me some of those cysts before and they rocked my world. Twice in the emergency room too when they made me pass out in pain.

How are you feeling? Is this pregnancy going well now?

shay said...

I know that cyst pain all too well. I had them with my last 3 pregos and with Vivie it seemed that having to be 'still' coupled with ligament pain... made it worse. I hope you can figure it out-- not a fun problem to have. But yay on healthy happy baby boy fetus!