Friday, February 25, 2011

me gusta

sorry, yes i know the image is small, can't be helped.  it was nearly impossible to attain it except on  oh, how i love this shoe.  i know that i need to wear heels, or at least pumps due to my height (a whopping five foot, three inches), but i can't help myself.  i love flats!  they're comfortable and i like how my feet look in them.  you see, i'm picky about my toes.  my second toe is longer than the first (yeah, yeah...i know it means i'm supposed to be a genius.  not sure who came up with that!), which makes me picky about the way i choose to expose them.  anyway...enough of that...i love these.  they're by me too, and some day i would like for them to contact me, telling me how much they want to send me loads of samples to critique.  after all, i am a ballet flat expert! 

i love this poster too, found on reform school rules.  reminds me of my dad.  i swear he used to say this all the time.  i also find myself saying this after i examine something the girls have drawn or designed recently.  only i usually say, "i love it!....what is it?"  i like to document somewhere on their paper what they drew, so later we can look back at it and say, uh huh.

 and some day...if just some day i could get lucky enough while thrifting or rummaging through yard sales to find a sofa like this (maybe white in good condition...ha!), i would thank my lucky stars!  found this one at jayson home & garden, but you never know....i could get that lucky!


Kierst said...

Okay, obviously this isn't the same, but it's kind of similar and it's FREE! (But maybe it's not there anymore). It just needs a bit of work . . .

I had a friend email the listing to me the other day, thought I could do wonders with it. She thinks I'm more talented than I really am.

shay said...

You are my sista from another mista!!!