Monday, March 21, 2011


i've been reading and reading and reading, and then reading lately.  i'm taking two online classes that require much of my reading eye.  i really don't enjoy the family relations class reading much, it all seems a little obvious and broad.  i do, however, love the reading for my english literary interpretation class!  over the last few weeks we've read a few plays:  trifles, othello, antigone and today...a doll's house.  they are all dramas, and in all cases end sadly.  throughout the reading you already feel the sadness and it just grows with each passing line.  despite this, i actually really enjoyed reading most of them.  i found the "chorus" in antigone difficult to follow; perhaps i was just rushing through it. today as i read "a doll's house" i found that i simply couldn't put it down.  i had reached a nice stopping point just before act three, a point in which i could go use the restroom and get a snack, perhaps say hi to my husband and kids (hubby is on spring break...jump for JOY!).  but no.  i stayed curled up in my bed under my blanket (to keep my feet a little warmer) and finished it.  it was about sixty pages and i just had to go for it.  i really found myself being interested in where it was going and what would happen.  in this play i just wasn't sure what would happen, which intrigued me. 

on another non-english note i am happy to report that i actually did something crafty.  you see, since we moved in with my in-laws, i've done nothing of the sort.  my poor sewing machine has been severely neglected.  in fact, i don't think i'd sewn anything until yesterday.  hubby needed some patches sewn on his scout shirt, so it got me to the machine.  then after i'd finished that i had the itch!  i finally sewed a little mattress for the girls' doll cradle.  i finally cut out loads of squares from sienna's baby clothes that i'd kept to make a quilt out of.  these were mostly clothes that had formula stains on them where i salvaged pieces of un-stained material for the quilt.  the rest i had passed along to other babies in the world.  i have kept a few random favorites to give her to keep for her future children, if wanted.  so...the nesting is definitely going to take over after this semester's classes are finished.  i will be deferring next semester in the case that i go on bed-rest at all.  plus, it'll just be nice to have a break!  then i can nest and relax and play with my girls all i want without stressing over a paper to write or a chapter to read.  it'll be heavenly!

speaking of heavenly, isn't my camera on my phone amazing?

it's scripps pier in la jolla


Alyosha said...

LOVED Trifles. I was just talking with my husband about it the other day.

Heidi said...

I've been reading on the opposite end of the spectrum-- three young adult novels in two days. I enjoyed them but the most important part was that they distracted me as much as possible from not feeling well!