Wednesday, April 27, 2011

first easter party of the year

stephen's aunt peggy is just so awesome and threw her second annual kiddie easter egg hunt at her house again.  last year was a blast so the girls were really looking forward to this years.  we almost didn't make it due to scheduling issues, but luckily things panned out.  just look at peggy...she's so fun!  singing songs to get things started...

wendy's cute girls observing the invaders....

and the hunt begins.  there were tons of eggs and goodie bags filled with goodies all over the backyard.  the kids had a blast searching.  i loved the creativity in hiding places.

even some very taboo places where the kids had no chance of getting the candy (aka...on a pool toy).

peggy helps chloe out in tossing some high-riser candy down into her basket...nice shot!

hope my mother-in-law doesn't kill me, but i loved this photo of her.  very animated and awesome.  she's hilarious!

the kids also had a blast making big bubbles with peggy's cool bubble toys.  the kids made some pretty big bubbles quite a few times, especially gwen!

peggy also has this awesome tortoise.  isn't otis the cutest?  the kids loved watching him eat an apple and a cucumber.  some were willing to have their picture taken (sienna, david), others...not so much (ethan and chloe). 

it was such a fun easter egg hunt!  thanks peggy!


Bonnie said...

aunt peggy is awesome, youre lucky to have her

Malerie said...

wow! Everything looks so magical! What a fun Easter.

*katie said...

Definitely good times:) Otis is awesome.

*katie said...

Oh, and the picture of my mom is definitely awesome :)